Saturday, may 16 | 10am-4pm


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We are the Student Society of Health-system Pharmacists (SSHP for short) at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. Our mission is as pharmacists is to help people make the best use of medications and to becomes advocates for the patient. As we are advocates of patients, we decided it would be our priority to support the fight against one of the most common illnesses in the world: Mental Illnesses. 

Rock-A-Thon is a 6 hour, no sitting, Dance Marathon to honor the suffering all people with mental illness must go through each and every day. Each hour has a different fun theme for dancers to enjoy, a lunch and t-shirt will be provided for dancers, and all are welcome to come and support the fight against mental illness. All money raised will be donated to the Seven Counties of Louisville, a local non-profit organization that that supports people who suffer from mental illnesses. We are taking a small step in the fight against mental illness and we want YOU to be apart of it. 

Keep calm and rock on.

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